Why Rory Gilmore is No Longer a Firm Role Model

I have been a Gilmore Girls fan for as long as I can remember. From god knows what age I used to sit around with my family and watch it on Saturday afternoons, if I recall correctly. Then of course I hit my 20s and Netflix became the phenomena that it is. Literally anything, (with the exception of made-for-tv-movies,) that this site touches is instant gold. Like many other 20 somethings I was reintroduced to one of my childhood loves because of Netflix but this time it took on a whole new meaning.


Like Rory I have chosen a similar path in life. While I lacked the funds and quite frankly the confidence to even apply to somewhere as prestigious as Yale we both studied English Literature. I also lack her extremely cool grandfather and sometimes think I envy this of her most of all!

I, like so many other English Grads have continuously questioned my choice since. I fell into a teaching position quite by incident and here I am still another two years later. I have exhausted tireless researching of new jobs but things always seem closed to me as I don’t have my MA yet. I like Rory, was eager to get out into the world. However, I always felt like I had time for some reason. Time to figure things out. Why pursue something that I hold only luke-warm feelings towards? I have an incredibly good lifestyle, lovely house to live in and a fairly good salary for a fresh enough graduate. I am such a trendy, young professional that I do my shopping in Waitrose for crying out loud!


However, after watching /A Year in the Life/ over the past weekend all this comfort has been rudely whipped away from me! I knew that Rory would be at a cross roads in her life in the remake but it never gets freaking resolved! She’s got ten years on me but is at the exact same place in her life. She didn’t go on to get her MA and she’s not working for some achingly amazing publication such as The New Yorker. All of my comfort levels have reached zero. Where will she go? What’s going to happen with the bombshell she dropped? What was with Jess’ longing stare? So many questions it hurts my brain.
Although, my biggest question of all is will she eventually get her life together and become the high powered journalist tycoon that she was always destined to be?! Please Netflix answer the questions with more episodes!


Finally, this leaves me…. Even though Rory Gilmore is a fictional character the paraells between us are too similar to ignore. If nothing this whole event has lent me some great wisdom. I need to stop procrastinating, write more, publish more and don’t spend the better half of my twenties just having a good time. If I set my mind to it I’ll have my MA by 26 and even by doing this I’ll be doing better than Rory Gilmore who I always aspired to be. Maybe her being not so shiny after all is actually for the better…..



Until next time,
Xo Laura

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