Advice to myself when I was a Fresher in College

{Sans the traditional cap and gown I celebrated my graduation in style at The Fairmont Hotel, Abu Dhabi}

Many things have changed since I graduated college a year ago. The time has gone so fast that when my graduation appeared on my TimeHop a few weeks ago I got a major shock. I am now an expat living in the Middle East and never did I think I would find myself in this position when I moved into my tiny bedroom (read box with well planned storage!) just off campus in 2012. However, this naturally has had me pondering everything that has occurred over the last few years and that has led me to where I am now. Of course I also wonder would I have done anything different if I had known what was going to happen during those roller coaster years….

1. College

You most defiantly chose the right degree to study and the right college to do it in and never let anyone tell you differently, especially your family! English and history is what you are. You’ll find as you went up in years that English made you tick a lot more and so you pursued it. Yes, you may look back now and wish you had done Graphic Design but you did what was right at the time for you so do not sweat it.

{Tea and chocolate are what powered you through your final exams and dissertation}





{What we want loser boyfriends to say when they so rarely will!}

2. Boys

You will kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince! Unfortunately this is true for most college and young 20 something girls. Your college boyfriend will cheat on you and when you first emigrate you will date a bunch of random losers but these will make you stronger. It’s only when you are completely happy by yourself that you will meet your current boyfriend. In the seven months that you have been together you will have never had an argument and you will wonder why you put up with losers for so long.



fullsizerender-33. Learn to Love Yourself

Number 2 actually brings us nicely to number 3. Learn to be happy by yourself and don’t let another person’s mood bring you down. You will find people who are happy to be unhappy and you do not want to waste your time with that! When you turn 23 you learn that the relationship you have with yourself is the most important so do yourself a favour and start working on that now!





4. Friends

When you emigrate very suddenly you will learn who your true friends are. Some go out of their way to help you while others don’t even put in the effort to say goodbye properly. This will hurt but you’ll eventually see that it’s for the better!

{You would have never been upgraded to the biggest suite in The Emirates Palace if you didn’t have your girlfriends}



img_55565. Life After College

You did not get that Masters for a reason! You will be gutted when you receive that email. It will make you bomb your final exam of college and you will subsequently end up resenting that lecturer for altering your life and maybe taking away your chances at a first class honor for quite some time but again it was meant to be. When you look back you were done with that place and it was time for you to spread your wings elsewhere.

{Dancing around a huge suite is just one expected thing to happen last year}





6. Yoga

You are now a yogi and you love it.

If you could do one thing ahead of time it would be this. When you find your love of yoga everything changes. The way you think, the way you look, the way you move, your entire lifestyle is altered. You’re so much more positive now and everything is far more manageable. When things get too hard to deal with you like to shavasana!





7. Finally, immigrating.


Getting on that plane was the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do. It’s been four hours since you said goodbye to your family and you’re still crying. You’ve just turned 22 and you feel lost, alone and oh so tiny. Immigration wasn’t meant to be on the cards for at least another year but here you are. You recruited, packed up your life and have moved it across the world in ten days.
Congratulations because you have survived the scariest thing that you have ever done. It is also the best thing that you have ever done. Being in Abu Dhabi has shaped you into the person you are today. You are strong, independent and a go getter. You have come such a long way and are excited for what is to come. You’ve seen so much of the world and do not pass up any opportunities to better yourself. Keep going as you’re going and the world will truly be yours to conquer.

So in short, to your younger self, keep doing everything just as you are because you have learned that not everything is in your control. It was meant to happen for a reason and when things happen like this they will always work in the most wonderful ways you can imagine.
Do not worry because you will always be brilliant.

As always, thank you for reading,

Xo Laura

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