5 Things from the Week

The large absence on the blog for the last week or so is now to be explained because I was away on holidays in the French Riviera! It was a truly fabulous place and I will most definitely be heading back there some day. I am going to try my hardest to refrain from putting most of my holiday stuff in this post because I want to do a few posts completely dedicated to my week of travels. But if you are curious as to what I got up to you can check out my Instagram and be sure to follow me while you’re there!

1) Favourite Moment of the Week

Taking the train along the Rivera leads to witnessing some amazing views of the Mediterranean. Now if only I had a yacht to be able to enjoy such a lifestyle….


2) Hidden Message

hiden message

I came across this necklace on Pinterest this week and I really need it in my life! Can anybody tell me where to get it???!!!

3) Multi-Masking is the Newest Beauty Trend

skincare quote

I am no stranger to a face mask or two but this article on Elite Daily takes skincare to the next level! But, if I am honest I think multi-masking makes a lot of sense!

4) New York Magazine July 2015 Cover

Credit: New York Magazine
Credit: New York Magazine

I almost missed this story because I was travelling the day it came out. New York Magazine did these women justice and the cover whose real focus is on the empty chair only heightens and sheds light on the true individual yet widespread tragedy of this case. The full essay with each women’s unique and personal story is an enlightening read for any person. We can only really hope that these situations will lessen to occur as people rise up together to fight against them.

5) The Perfect Salad Recipe by Anna Jones

As per usual I have been stalking Jamie’s FoodTube and this recipe is just too good to not pass on! I have a massive whole/raw foods order coming today including pearl barley so I am going to make this recipe in the coming week and I cannot wait to try it out so I can have a go at grilling avocados which I never thought to do before!

I hope you all had a lovely week and that you enjoyed this post,

I actually really missed blogging while I was gone so you will be hearing a lot me from me now that I am home!

Xo Laura.

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