5 Things From the Week

This week I finally started my Internship which I am absolutely loving. I have a long work day but it is worth it because I am already learning a few things. Needless to say I have noticed a few bits during the week that I feel are worth sharing!

1) Zara Jacquard Mini Shorts


Zara is a relatively new phenomena to me in that I never liked shopping in store so I never bought anything there. I don’t know what it was that made me dislike the in-store experience but for some reason we just never gelled properly. However, once I discovered Zara online I have not looked back! Their delivery service is cheap and excellent and with a fantastic sale online there is more than a few things I want but for now can someone please make these super cute shorts magically appear in my wardrobe?

2) Monograms

photo 4

I finally took the plunge and got some personal monograms made. I got mine on an Etsy shop and only paid €10 including postage for five of them. I believe that the monogram is the chicest way to label your belongings and intend to put mine on my laptop and other tech devices.

3) Thought of the Week


4) Pennys Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

navy coat

As an Irish girl Pennys has always been a favorite of mine so I was beyond ecstatic when they launched a few sneak peaks of what will be coming into store this coming season. I really want to get the navy coat to replace the one that I wore to death during my college years! Let the stalking of all Pennys stores begin!

5) Food Busker’s Tom Kha Gai Soup

I first discovered Food Busker through Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Channel and now I follow his own channel and Instagram. It’s great to see a fellow ginger with a passion for cooking! He has a great story and his videos are highly entertaining as well as scrumptious. I am definitely going to have a stab at making this soup for dinner sometime next week.

I hope everyone had a great week and that you enjoyed this post,

Xo Laura

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