5 Things from the Week

The last week has blown by in a whirl of car hunting (one of the most tedious tasks I have ever undertaken) and hanging out with old friends and as per usual baking as seen in my previous post Strawberry Crumble Slices wish I am still lusting after. So without further a due here is what caught me eye during the past week.

1) The Poor Man’s Parmesan

Photo Credit: Brette Warshaw  at http://food52.com/
Photo Credit: Brette Warshaw at http://food52.com/

I never remember to pick up Parmesan cheese when I am doing the weekly food shop and when I was on a student budget I could never afford it. If only I had known about this little hack that substitutes bread crumbs for Parmesan how different things would have been! I really want to try it as a sprinkling over lasange or a pasta bake!

2) True Lane’s Relaunch

A shot from her recent City Safari Post

I have followed Chelsea on Instagram for well over a year now and have always aspired to be like her. I often feel like a sort of kindred spirit to her even though that sounds a bit strange! Her new blog truelane has truly blown me away. It is grown up, sophisticated and a true representation of who she is now as a person. She’s a cool girl through and through and I look forward to seeing where her new blog and path is going to take her.

3) Dressing the Part

writer guru

I am a big fan of Elite Daily and check in at least once a week to see what is new on their Women’s Section. They epitomize what life is for college graduates who are beginning to take their first shaky steps out into the professional world. I can really see myself working the Writer Guru outfit within the next few months!

4) Peaky Blinders

peaky blinders 2

I am obsessed what this period drama series by BBC2. I cannot even hide the fact that I have watched it twice. The first time being when I should have been studying for finals and then second time occurring in the last few weeks because I am experiencing serious Tommy Shelby withdrawals. This series is the perfect amount of violence, sexiness and drama all coiled into one bundle. The first season can be caught on Netflix while the third season is due to drop this Autumn on BBC2 which feels so far away!

5) Donal Skehan’s Chickpea Burgers

I have been increasingly drawn to a more plant based and meat free diet of late. I am not sure how or why but I just love veggie foods and they seem to inspire far more creativity in me when it comes to cooking in my kitchen. These burgers were fab and so easy and quick to make! I baked mine in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes instead of frying them so that I was free to tidy the kitchen in that time instead of hovering around the hob. I will definitely be having them again in the future!

I hope you guys have had a great week,

Xo Laura

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