5 Things from the Week

This series consists of bits and bobs that I have either found on the web or come across in my everyday life that I want to share with you guys!

1) Amazing Pictures of London

Photo Credit: Nick Jackson
Umbrella Art at Borough Market. Photo Credit: Nick Jackson

London is a second home to me and so I am very familiar with the city. So when I find something that puts a new spin on it I sit up and take notice. Funnily enough I came across this amazing article on roughguides.com while I was job hunting! Nick Jackson I salute your talent and obvious love for my favorite city!

2) Naked Juice

naked juice

I used to love this juice while I lived in California and was ecstatic to find it in my local Spar shop. For those who live in the Republic of Ireland you will find it in Centra and Spar!

3) Crowbar, Temple Bar, Dublin


This week I unfortunately had to say goodbye to a very dear friend who I met while she was on a semester abroad in University College Cork where I used to study. We found this quirky, slightly hipster pup tucked away in Temple Bar to enjoy our last few rounds of cocktails together in. While I love having friends in America it is always hard when you have to say goodbye to them for months at a time!

4) Same Sex Marriage in America

white house gay pride
Photo Credit: Evan Pucci Image pulled from buzzfeed.com

This time last month Irish Voters turned out in flocks to #VoteYes for Same Sex Marriage and most importantly Equality in our little country. We made history that day and I am proud that a nation as big and influential as the United States has followed our example. All it takes is one country at a time to bring equality to all! #YestoEqaulity #lovewins

5) Jamie Oliver, Scrambled Eggs Three Ways

We are massive Jamie fans in my household. What that man has done for the food industry and for how we eat food in our everyday life’s is unbelievable. This video changed the way I make scrambled eggs forever, though I still like to add a drop of milk! On a side note Jamie also did an amazingly insightful TED Talk back in 2010 that can be found on Netflix.

Hope you all had a great week!

Xo Laura

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